Irish People Try 'Strange' Foods from Around the World for the First Time

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Unless you're content with your boring, never-ending cycle of delivery pizzas and fast-casual burritos, tasting new foods for the first time could be a life-changing experience, and hopefully, in a good way. With that said, the adventurous Irish eaters over at YouTube's Facts. channel are back with another hilarious taste-test video, and this time, they bravely try so-called "strange" foods from around the world... like lamb testicles.

Just days after they asked Irish people people to taste "weird" American food creations, this latest video shows three pairs of Irish men and women sampling foreign dishes like chicken feet, escargot, kangaroo steak, and yes, the aforementioned lamb balls. As you can imagine, their ridiculous and funny reactions range from "That's actually pretty good" to "All I'm thinking about now are Big Bird's legs," but mostly things like "Why are you doing this to us?" And despite what they're served, the participants remain remarkably open-minded throughout the clip.

Granted, everyone's definition of "strange" will obviously vary when it comes to food, so it's important to remember foods like chicken feet are likely just as normal and delicious to someone as a cheese pizza might be to you. As for those, uh, "lamb fries," you can always taste them yourself next time you're in Kentucky, along with a few other rare, regional American foods.

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