Irish People Hilariously Try to Understand the First Presidential Debate

The first debate of the 2016 presidential election has passed in a typhoon of squabbling pundits, ridiculous tweets, and A+ commentary from late-night hosts. The organized bickering of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has been dissected from every angle. That makes the inane takes from the Facts. YouTube channel a sort of sweet relief.

"Today we're watching some angry middle-aged white people shout at each other," the video starts. They have brought together their band of "Irish People" to respond to the debate with reactions that range from mild confusion to profound existential confusion. They also know the right buttons to push to get Americans riled up about their favorite presidential candidates, noting Clinton's "Maoist get-up" and the oddness of Trump's candidacy from outside the country ("New season of the Apprentice starts Sept. 5.").

While they may not fully understand how much some Americans dislike non-American takes on the American presidential election, their analysis treats the debate with the same gravitas and respect they give to other American institutions, such as hamburgers and BBQ.

And like any good spot of punditry, they determine a winner: "Lester Holt 2016."

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