America Has Spoken: Die Hard Isn't a Christmas Movie

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Oh, hi. You're still reading articles right before Christmas? Excellent. Well, here's a lump of coal for you: according to a poll of Americans voters, Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.

No, John McClane, his merry cast of vaguely German terrorists, and Carl Winslow don't qualify as a Christmas story, according to a poll of 1,267 registered voters conducted by Public Policy Polling. A press release by PPP says only 13% of Americans think the action classic qualifies as a Christmas movie, while 62% of Americans say it does not. The other 25% of Americans apparently haven't seen Die Hard, or don't have an opinion about Die Hard. Which is probably grounds for deportation.

Die Hard wasn't the only movie with a Christmas motif to have a controversial result in the poll, either. Only 18% of voters bought the Grinch's rehabilitation story, seeing him in a positive light, while 60% said he still sucks. Sorry, feel-good stories.

PPP gained notoriety in recent years for a number of different polls, including one back in 2011 that showed only 19% of Republicans thought President Barack Obama would go to Heaven in the Rapture. Yes, that was a real poll question. But the pollsters also nailed their predictions in the 2012 presidential election, going a perfect 50/50 in every state. So it appears the firm, around since 2001, isn't just making shit up. Or so you'd hope.

Now, if you conducted a poll of Thrillist editors, well, you'd get a lot different results here. Personally, I'm Die Hard holiday agnostic, in that I don't sit down to watch it around Christmas. I simply watch it any time it's on cable, regardless of season. Because it's Die Hard.

Yippie kay ay... Merry Christmas!

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He has seen Die hard approximately 77 times. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.