Lots of People Think the Evil Clown from ‘IT’ Is Sexy & Want to Cuddle Him

Courtesy Warner Bros.

Pennywise the Clown is the embodiment of pure evil -- a murderous clown who lives in the sewers and preys on the children of Derry, Maine. But since Stephen King's IT made its cinematic return earlier this month, a growing number of people are ascribing an odd quality to the makeup-wearing villain: they're calling him sexy.

While the film's trailers pack enough nightmare fuel to give any clown-fearing individual the willies, others see a blossoming sex symbol in Pennywise. 

It's more than worth noting that Pennywise the clown is played by Bill Skarsgard -- a tall and dashing Swede who comes from a long and famous lineage of tall and dashing Swedes. He's literally brothers with Tarzan, and yes, he's modeled for GQ. But the contours of Skarsgard's chiseled face are pretty well masked by globs of makeup and the sinister gaze of Pennywise.

This points to an interesting wrinkle in this conversation: are people attracted to Skarsgard, or do they honestly find this demonic clown attractive? 

One of the more chilling aspects of Pennywise -- aside from all the murder and everything -- is his strange, fiendish smile. Skarsgard told Conan O'Brien yesterday that he developed the uncanny ability to smile like a possessed psychopath when he was a kid. Maybe this is why the internet is falling in love with Pennywise? Are they simply entranced by this weird ass smile? 

Because this is the internet in the year of our lord 2017, the Pennywise folklore doesn't end with the clown's physical attractiveness. Other theorists are painting the clown as a new hero of the LGBTQ community and surmising that somewhere, deep in cyberspace, he's involved in a romantic relationship with none other than the Babadook.

Feel free to log off the internet whenever you please. 

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