This 'IT' Trailer Proves Ronald McDonald Is the Worst Killer Clown

Now that Stephen King's It is getting a terrifying-looking remake, and Thrillist recently revealed just how deeply unsettling the first Ronald McDonald commercials could be, the image of the killer clown has once again captivated our hearts, minds, and formerly clean underwear. One of the latest entries in this disturbing resurgence: this video made by YouTuber RackaRacka, which puts Ronald McDonald in the classic role of Pennywise.

This always had to happen, right? It's 2017, and McDonald's -- a multinational company known for a history of questionable judgment and addictive eats -- still has a fucking clown mascot. Wendy's, by comparison, trots out the wholesome smile of a sweet girl to peddle its square burgers, while its competitor's placed its bets on everyone's worst nightmare for the last 54 years. Obviously, it's doing something right; perhaps -- unconsciously -- folks are too scared not to go to McDonald's. One 8-year-old child literally kidnapped his 4-year-old sister and stole a car last week on a full stomach just to get a McDonald's burger fix, after all. McDonald's wields so much power it didn't even have to name its own company in a Mindy Kaling ad.

Whether all that relates to the terror of Ronald or not, I don't know. Correlation is not causation, but as this video eventually proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, Ronald McDonald is far more dangerous and deadly than the killer clown from It. That much is certainly true, but I won't spoil how. You'll have to embrace those horrors yourself.

h/t RackaRacka

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Eric Vilas-Boas is a writer and editor at Thrillist. Follow him @e_vb_.