Jack Black Got Slapped in the Face on 'Price Is Right'

Sometimes there's a certain serendipity in the unexpected. The Price Is Right kicked off their celebrity week with Jack Black on Monday. The enthusiastic actor gave Plinko-lovers all the over-the-top co-hosting they could handle. He air guitared and he screamed "Po! Kung-Fu Panda! Dragon Warrior!" like a possessed demon. It was everything you'd expect from that half of Tenacious D

But his shining moment -- even over the fake butt smack he offered one man at the end of the show -- was getting slapped in the face. The first contestant during Showcase Showdown, Andrew Fox, spun 95 cents and in his excitement ran to Black for a high five. Only he missed and slapped the actor in the face. 

Like a modern Buster Keaton, Black careened to the ground exposing his belly. (Did Keaton ever do the belly bit? Probably not.)

Watch the full absurdity above. You can also watch the full episode here. During celebrity week on The Price Is Right, they'll also feature Jane Lynch, Wilmer Valderrama, and Julie Bowen.

h/t Huffington Post

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