Jack Daniel's Has Unveiled Its First Age-Stated Whiskey in More Than a Century

For $70 a bottle, you can jump into a new 10-year-old whiskey from the familiar brand.

jack daniels 10 year whiskey
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Despite the existence of its single barrel and the Tennessee Tasters releases, Jack Daniel's is a brand that most people associate with the black label sitting on the bottom row behind the bar. It's not something on which you splurge. There is, however, a new reason to reassess your perception of the whiskey. 

Jack Daniel's has announced the release of Jack Daniel's 10-Year-Old Tennessee Whiskey. It's the first aged-stated whiskey from the distillery in more than a century. It's going to arrive at stores in early September with a limited number of bottles available. Though, it will be an annual release with each year's release being slightly different.

One of the big ideas behind the new release was to forge a stronger connection to the company's past. "It wasn't about putting them up in a barrel house, getting to 10 [years], and pulling the trigger," Master Distiller Chris Fletcher tells Thrillist. "This is absolutely about recreating a bit of our history and honoring the people who came before us." Even the cartouche on the label was designed to emulate what appeared on bottles last time there was an age-stated whiskey from Jack. 

The whiskey is the classic Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey recipe, aged in American white oak barrels and bottled at 97 proof, a first for the distillery. The traditional Old No. 7 does not carry any age statement on the label, but Fletcher says that it is typically aged for around four to five years. The single barrel releases are aged around five to seven years. 

The whiskey was aged on the top floor of the barrel house for eight years before it was moved around. A little over 200 barrels is all that was put together for the release. Though, Fletcher says that "the yield was not fantastic" from those barrels.

The whiskey will sell for $70 for a 750ml bottle. If it winds up being worth the price of admission to you, Fletcher says he's "cautiously optimistic" about the possibility of there being other age-stated whiskies coming out of Jack Daniel's in the future. 

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