Jack Daniel's Has an Advent Calendar & You Can Have Whiskey Every Day

Whiskey, every day.

jack daniels advent calendar
Photo courtesy of Jack Daniel's
Photo courtesy of Jack Daniel's

We all know the old saying: Stressful times call for a giant box of whiskey that offers a new bottle every day. It's timeless wisdom. There is no shortage of booze-filled advent-style calendars. There are calendars for beer, wine, expensive whiskeys, and even hard seltzer. If you enjoy a little Jack Daniel's at the end of the day, however, there is a calendar that is well-tailored to your needs. 

Jack Daniel's is bringing its whiskey-filled calendar back for a second year in the US. (It was first released in the UK in 2018 and hit the US in 2019.) In it, you will find 24 windows to crack open in December (or whenever you want, really), with a vast majority of them containing the brown liquid that will make a weird holiday season a little more pleasant. 

The calendar goes on sale in November at select liquor stores nationwide, as well as through Drizly in some cities. Inside, you're basically going to find every window filled with whiskey, with the exception of four where you'll discover Jack-themed surprises. Though, you, unfortunately, will not find any of the new Tennessee Tasters collection in there. The Jamaican Allspice and the Twin Blend are absent here. Nonetheless, you do know exactly what you're getting in the 50ml bottles inside the calendar, unlike some boozy advent calendars that are full of surprises. 

This year's edition will include four bottles each of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and Jack Daniels Tennesee Honey, three bottles each of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple, and two each of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye, Gentleman Jack, and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select. Like last year, the whole cardboard suitcase with a handle will run you $79.99. It's far better than any suitcase your relatives are going to be toting when they show up for the holidays.

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