Get Free Churros, Shakes, and 15% Off Your Order at Jack in the Box This Weekend

This weekend the chain is revolutionizing freebies.


We hold these deals to be self-evident, that all Jack in the Box customers are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable freebies, that among these are churros, shakes, and the pursuit of 15% off of every purchase. 

In other words, in celebration of the Fourth of July, California-based chain Jack in the Box is offering a few dessert discounts through its app, as well as 15% off your entire order. Each discount is happening on a different day of the holiday weekend. Here's what we're lookin' at: 

July 3: Free five-piece mini churro with any app purchase
While there's no denying that Yoshinoya cheesecake is the best fast food dessert in America, a smartie with a sweet tooth should never sleep on a free churro (even if it came at No. 12 of 13 in our ranking of desserts). Each of Jack's churros has a gooey, sugary sauce pumped through the center... I devoured at least 10 once on a trip to Indiana. 

July 4: Free regular vanilla shake with any app purchase
I've never had a bad vanilla shake, especially one used to dip my fries, so adding a shake to your order this weekend is an American given. By the way, the "regular" size is 16 ounces. 

July 5: 15% off your entire order
If you're looking for a meal to pair with your dessert freebies, we recommend Jack’s spicy chicken sandwich, combination curly and regular fries, two tacos, and some extra Frank’s RedHot. 

Keep in mind that you don't need to use the app to get the 15% off if you'd rather just go through the drive-thru. You also don't need to buy anything but other desserts if you want churros and a shake, because this is the land of the free, baby. 

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