Jack in the Box Is Shaming McDonald's with This Broken McFlurry Machine Tracker

The golden arches competitor is also offering $2 shakes when you download its app.

Courtesy of Jack in the Box
Courtesy of Jack in the Box

Imagine this: It’s 11 pm and you get an aggressive hankering for a milkshake. You venture out to satisfy your urgent need for a creamy, sweet, frozen treat. You get end up at your local McDonald's, and you are told that the ice cream machine is broken. No McFlurry for you. You turn around and stifle a sob. Oh, the pain.

Thankfully, a website called McBroken, which Thrillist has told you about before, does the noble work of maintaining an easy-to-use, map-based database that tracks where McDonald's ice cream machines are broken. To celebrate the launch of its Oreo Cookie Mint Shake, competing fast food chain Jack in the Box has taken over the McBroken website for the month of March to expertly troll McDonald's. Frankly, it's surprising nobody has done this before now.

According to McBroken, around 10 % of McDonald’s McFlurry machines are broken at any given time. The online tracker allows ice cream lovers to track down which restaurants have functioning ice cream machines. The tracker currently shows red dots on locations with broken machines, green for machines that work, and little Jack in the Box icons to symbolize the chain's locations with working machines.

Jack in the Box's Oreo Cookie Mint Shake is a spin on its classic Oreo Cookie Shake. It features Oreo cookie crumbles with a swirl of minty flavoring with a maraschino cherry on top. The shake will be offered at locations nationwide starting March 3.

To make it even easier to snag a shake from Jack in the Box, it's offering $2 shakes to everyone who downloads the Jack in the Box app and uses the code MCSHAMMED, which falls in line with the brands current slogan to promote the tracker— "Don’t get McShammed."

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