Jack in the Box Is Bringing Back Its Buckets of Mini Tacos

jack in the box mini tacos tiny miniature taco new menu item
Edited - Courtesy of Jack In The Box
Edited - Courtesy of Jack In The Box

How does one make any type of food even cuter and more appealing? Make them tiny, of course. Cakes become cupcakes, donuts become donut holes or mini donuts, and tacos become even smaller and bite-sized. Thanks to popular demand, Jack in the Box is bringing back the aptly named Tiny Tacos.

Tiny Tacos come in two different variations: plain, or loaded with shredded lettuce, cheese, and taco sauce. The fast food chain is even bringing back it's Creamy Avocado Lime Sauce, perfect for dunking each mini taco into. Tiny Tacos are designed to be good for snacking on in between bites of a normal-sized taco or feasting on during game day. 

An order of Tiny Tacos will cost you $3 for a bucket of 15 plain tacos, or $4 for the loaded version -- though prices may vary from franchise to franchise. Yes, three bucks for 15 tacos. You can find Tiny Tacos on the menu of Jack in the Box locations nationwide beginning January 16, so get ready to say "awww" to these adorable-sized tacos before shoveling the entire bucket into your mouth.

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