Your Next Jamba Smoothie Might be Made by a Robot

Jamba partnered with robotics company Blendid to create a contact-free kiosk.

A robotic smoothie making kiosk.
Jamba by Blendid

Smoothie making can be so messy and time consuming that it’s usually easier to leave all the washing, peeling, slicing, and blending to someone else. Or, in Jamba’s case, something else.

New to a California Walmart, Jamba by Blendid is a contact-free kiosk where you can order and sip smoothies prepared by an orchestra of autonomous ingredient dispensers, blenders, refrigerators, and a robotic arm. The robo-crew works together to assemble smoothies right down to the famed Jamba “boosts” you were never sure were really doing anything. 

"We see an opportunity to get Jamba into more locations, make it even more accessible, and create solutions where our team members can leverage the latest in technology to efficiently serve our guests,” Jamba president Geoff Henry said in a statement. “We look forward to working with the Blendid team to gain a better understanding of the role robotic kiosks could play in our brand and how our guests respond to this new experience."

Unlike you and your blender, the kiosk can make up to nine drinks at a time, according to the statement. 

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