Jameson Just Unveiled a New Old Fashioned-Inspired Orange Whiskey

A new Jameson is about to hit shelves.

Jameson orange whiskey release
Photo courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson has its Cold Brew Whiskey and Caskmates expressions, but you don't see the distillery playing around with fruit like other whiskey companies. The company has just announced a surprising release if you don't think of them as a brand that would roll out something like apple-flavored whiskey or cinnamon whiskey.

On January 12, Jameson is launching Jameson Orange in the US. Jameson ran the expression out in the UK early last year, but it'll just be hitting US shelves for the first time. Its Jameson Irish Whiskey combined with "natural orange flavor," the company says. 

The new release has a strong citrus smell, and while the orange flavor is pronounced, it's not cloying, like some flavored whiskies can be. It also sounds like a nice start to an old fashioned. 

"The concept behind Jameson Orange was to create a product that would appeal to a growing audience of flavored spirits fans and curious whiskey drinkers, drawing on the quality and integrity of our award-winning triple-distilled Irish whiskey," Sona Bajaria, Vice President of Marketing, said. "Citrus flavor profiles, particularly orange, have high appeal amongst spirits drinkers, making it a perfect profile to complement the smoothness of Jameson."

The announcement suggests that it can be imbibed straight or in cocktails. It goes on to say it sits well mixed with something like Sprite or cranberry juice. It's a few starting place if you're looking to play with the new release. 

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