Jameson Will Pay You To Take Time Off Work and Relax on St. Patrick's Day

You can get $50 just for having a fun day.

Jameson Irish Whiskey home entertainment kit
Courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey
Courtesy of Jameson Irish Whiskey

For obvious reasons, Jameson Irish Whiskey is a leading voice when it comes to St. Patrick's Day. Whatever Jameson says, people do—which is why I'm about to request time off on March 17 to give myself some TLC.

Responding to reports that the majority of Americans haven't taken their vacation days since the start of the pandemic, Jameson decided to convince its fans that St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time to catch a break. The company's new campaign is called SPTO—St. Patrick's Day Time Off—playing off the underutilized concept of PTO.

The idea of SPTO is that people can cash in one of their unused PTO days on St. Patrick's Day and have some fun celebrating instead. Jameson came up with lots of cool ways to enjoy the holiday at home, releasing cocktail recipes, a Spotify playlistZoom backgroundscustom OOO email replies, and various home entertainment kits. In the evening, Jameson will be hosting a live-streamed concert with a roster of talented musicians.

Those who are willing to take the "SPTO pledge" and commit to requesting Wednesday, March 17, off work can also enter Jameson's sweepstakes for a chance to win some cash. The company will select 1,000 participants and give each one $50 to make up for St. Patrick's Day expenses. In addition, Jameson will donate $50 on behalf of each winner to the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation.

If you're in a place where you can afford a day off work, this is as good a day as ever to take it. Jameson isn't playing around this year.

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