Japan Just Made Sake-Flavored Kit Kat Bars

Nestlé Japan

Japan has the Wasabi Kit Kat, the Green Tea Kit Kat, and the Wine Kit Kat. So, it was really only a matter of time until the Sake Kit Kat was introduced to the line up. That time has come. 

According to Rocket News, a new Sake-flavored Kit Kat bar will be entering Japan's convenience stores on February 1st. Apparently, these Kit Kat bars have Sake powder kneaded into the wafer, which Rocket News says provides a "light and refreshing aftertaste."

Three-pack bar boxes will be sold in convenience stores all around Japan for 150 yen or about $1.40. But, for tourists wanting to stock up on the novelty bars, a special nine-pack will be sold in souvenir stores for 700 yen or about $5.80. The nine-pack seems like the way to go, since it comes packaged in a box that looks like a 1.8-litre sake bottle.

Check it out.

Nestlé Japan

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bottle?

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