These Bath Powders Will Make You Smell Like Your Favorite Foods


There's nothing quite like a long, relaxing bath after a large, decadent meal of pizza and grilled meat -- unless your bath just so happens to smell like all the things you just happened to put in your stomach, that is. That's the thinking behind a new line of novelty Japanese bath powders that will help bathers smell like cheesy pizza, grilled meat, beer, edamame soybeans, gyoza potstickers, and coriander.

The bath powders come from Village Vanguard, a novelty retail chain and bookstore known for selling other bathing powders that smell like miso soup, ramen, and more. After seeing the surge in popularity that those powders churned up, the chain made a new batch. It's important to note that these bathing additions are not actually edible -- no matter how much they may taste and smell like a college frat house. The addition of coriander, or cilantro, to the lineup may be the most divisive: to a lot of people, it just tastes like soap anyway. Here's a look at the packaging.

The flavors will be officially released in mid-June, with each packet going for 324 yen, or $2.91, each. They are now available for pre-order here for anyone who wants to get a jump on living their best pizza-scented lives.

h/t Mashable 

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