A Giant Alien Cow Udder Sprays Milk at Kids in This Japanese Commercial

Everyone knows that milk comes from the lovable, four-legged lawnmowers known as cows. But in Japan, children get their milk by... gathering below a spaceship until a giant alien cow udder shoots streams of it down into their glasses. Well, at least, that’s the dairy dystopia you may gather from a Japanese milk company’s wild new commercial.

The brand, Rakunoh Mother’s, known for its bizarre and over-the-top commercials, has built an entire ad campaign around these milk-loving alien spaceships. In another commercial that reveals where the milk came from, a fleet of spaceships visit a cow farm and casually steal milk straight from the cows' udders, using some sort of alien-cow mechanism too complex for human or bovine brains.

The commercials, which are quintessentially Japanese, may seem truly odd from an outsider's perspective, but when selling products to the country that created an entire bar based on vibrators, the owl cafe, and Pokemon Go, it only makes sense these ads would send people running to the grocery store... or some random field with empty glasses. And if you want to run into that field, too, we've figured out how to book a roundtrip flight to Japan for less than $400

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Tanner Saunders is a writer at Thrillist. Follow him on Instagram as he tries to summon milk aliens to Central Park.