This Guy Just Pulled Off a Jenga Move That Looks Impossible

Playing games with family can be terrible. It usually ends in a fight and when you wind up playing something like Monopoly, it goes on for way too long. What Jenga has going for it is that it's a relatively short game. At some point, there's just nothing the tower can do but fall.

That's true unless you're this guy, who isn't intimidated by Jenga layers that contain just one brick. He's figured out the secret Jenga. Deep in a game of giant Jenga, he went after a single brick in an area where there were four levels in a row that all contained just one brick. It's amazing, and no one should believe this was his first game of Jenga. He's the Michael Jordan of Jenga.

It's every bit as re-watchable as Parks and Recreation. It's entertaining, and it's instructional because if you've played more than two games of Jenga, you've tried and failed at this move. It should be impossible. No one has seen it work, except for your one friend who knows Kanye from "way back" and definitely doesn't constantly lie about mundane things.

h/t Mashable

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