Jerry Seinfeld "Obsessed" With John Oliver in New 'Comedians in Cars'

Comedians in Cars John Oliver
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

"Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" ended the season on a high note Thursday, bringing in Last Week Tonight host John Oliver for one of the season's funnier episodes. There's a genuine repartee between the two comedians, with Seinfeld laughing more than he has in any other episode this season over talk of how they'll do absolutely anything for a laugh.

They cruise around New York in a Triumph — the "perfect" British sports car, according to Oliver — and head to Allswell in Williamsburg for coffee, where they're met with "judgmental silence." Oliver discusses his personal life and his HBO show, now in its third season.

He talks about HBO letting him do absolutely anything and how he has the urge to push it to find out where that line is. In particular, he discusses going to Russia to meet Edward Snowden, which didn't make any government officials anywhere happy. It also didn't make his wife happy. He returned to her asking, "Why are you going to irritate the Russian government." He responded, "Because it's funny."

Watch the full episode here.