The Cast of 'Jersey Shore' Is Reuniting for a New Show


It's been nearly five years since the bulging biceps and glistening, spiked hair of Jersey Shore departed from the airwaves, leaving a trail of Gucci sunglasses and shattered cologne bottles in its wake. But fans of alcohol-fueled drama between friends are getting a second chance to catch up with the trailblazing cast when the show reboots as Jersey Shore Family Vacation next year.

MTV wants you to know that the cast hasn't been rotting in a crypt piled high with tanning beds and weightlifting equipment. In fact, every single member of the show, minus Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, is due to appear on the revamped version, which will likely feature the progeny of various cast members, being that it's Jersey Shore Family Vacation. There's no word on which cast member's children are involved, but you can safely assume that the debauched lifestyle glorified on the show years ago is now being crystallized as a generational bond.

The news was celebrated by cast member and noted boardwalk food aficionado Vinny Guadagnino, who seized the opportunity to promote the new show with a hashtag that you probably saw coming:

The Jersey Shore revival was announced during the premiere of the network's newest reality series, Floribama Shore, which also shows young people doing inadvisable things and quarreling with each other, albeit in a different region of the country. MTV says it's doubling down on the reality TV show format, noting that Floribama Shore is the second incarnation of shows on its "Shore Series" programming.

While the forthcoming chapter of the Jersey Shore saga likely pertains to biceps, fighting, romance, and more fighting, we can only hope that it provides America with some badly needed nostalgia that speaks to our need to experience simpler times. You'll get that chance when the show debuts on MTV in 2018.

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