This Mini Yacht Lets You Cruise Like James Bond on a Budget

Yachting, like private jetting and telling people you "summer" somewhere, is one of those things generally reserved for the mega-rich. However, it turns out you don't necessarily need to make the Forbes list of billionaires to get your hands on a boat that packs the appeal of a sprawling opulent ocean liner, as long as you're willing to enjoy it on a slightly smaller scale.

Behold: the Jet Capsule, a sleekly designed-yet-modest luxury vessel ideal for kicking back on and cruising the open water.

Boasting a 500hp engine, these surprisingly powerful boats, which measure 24ft long and 12ft wide, are built for ultimate pleasure cruising, with enough room for up to 13 passengers (including a captain). They're actually described as "mini yachts" by the Italian design firm that makes them, and once you take a closer look you'll understand why. 

The main deck, though mostly covered, lets in lots of light since it's mostly windows (and you can pop open most of side panels to keep it nice and airy), and there's a little sundeck up top, which is accessible via a small ladder. The interior is also fully customizable, with plenty of configurations for plush benches, tables, and even a bed or lounge area, all of which are situated just behind the state-of-the-art control center. At night, it's also equipped with highly dramatic lighting features to achieve whatever vibe you're going for. Oh, and if nature calls, don't sweat it -- there's also a toilet.

In terms of pricing, the Jet Capsule is nowhere near the cost of a conventional yacht, but it's not a total bargain either, seeing as each one will set you back about $150,000 depending on custom specs. But hey, if you split that 13 ways, it's not that bad.

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.