Flying JetBlue Is About to Get Even Cheaper With New 'Blue Basic' Fares

If you Google "JetBlue Airways" and "Thrillist," you'll find an endless scroll of flight deals. JetBlue wants to go thrift shopping with the budget-conscious Spirit Airlines. It would love if Frontier Airlines invited it to that trendy BYOB warehouse party in Bushwick. But it just hasn't gotten to that level of cheap and cool -- until now. Jetblue said it's finally introducing a basic economy fare called "Blue Basic." 

Here's the deal: You'll still get the endless snacks and free Wi-Fi on flights, but Blue Basic comes with some of the limitations budget travelers might already be familiar with. Namely, changes and cancellations will not be allowed, you can't pick your seat when you purchase a ticket (unless you pay up), and your checked bag is not included. 

The checked bag omission is perhaps the greatest upset here. The airline's checked-bag fees begin at $30 for a first bag and $40 for a second. But you're still allowed to bring a personal item that fits under your seat and a carry-on that can be tucked above your seat. Unfortunately, unlike United Airlines, JetBlue hasn't mentioned a plan to increase the size of overhead bins. And worse yet, travelers with Blue Basic tickets board the plane last, so don't count on scoring some overhead bin space.

JetBlue COO Joanna Geraghty told The Points Guy that the travel industry has "come to a point where our customers feel they have to choose between an in-flight experience -- a good one -- and a low fare," and this is most certainly true. To give an example, right before budget Airline WOW Air went bankrupt and stranded thousands all over the world, they were charging money for a cup of water. Thankfully, JetBlue has already partnered with Norwegian Air to to provide more affordable trips to Europe. Now they're bringing the discounts home for good. 

“Our focus with this Blue Basic fare is to show customers that you don’t need to choose between great service and low fare. You can have both," Geraghty said, per the report. She made no mention of bringing on flight deals in order to get invited to the trendy budget airline warehouse parties, but we're not quite ready to let go of that conspiracy theory. (Have we mentioned the Denver Airport is in cahoots with the illuminati?) 

Again, passengers flying on Blue Basic tickets will be the last group called for boarding. But, hey, at least you can still bring your miniature horse support animal on the flight.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.