JetBlue Now Lets You Earn Points Without Even Hopping on a Flight

Paisly, the airline's travel booking platform, just underwent some major updates.

Apparently, travel's best of both worlds exists, and JetBlue is letting you experience it this year.

Forget about having to just book a flight to earn JetBlue points. Now, you can make your point wallet grow heavier by doing all sorts of other things. The airline recently shared that all travelers will now be allowed to use Paisly, JetBlue's booking platform that was originally launched in 2021.

At the beginning, the Paisly service was only available to those passengers who had a flight booked. Travelers could use the platform for almost anything travel-related, including reserving cars and booking activities and hotel accommodations, and by doing that, as a treat, they could earn TrueBlue points.

The gist is now the same, except you no longer need a plane ticket to access Paisly. In addition to accumulating points, the site will also serve as a great resource to score good deals. If you already have a JetBlue flight booked and decide to hop on Paisly, you can save up to 20% off hotels and up to 35% off car rentals. If, on the other hand, you don't have a JetBlue flight ticket, there's no need to worry either—TrueBlue members who are "flight-less" and use Paisly can still get up to 15% off on hotels and discounted car rental rates.

"Customers love the JetBlue brand for low fares and great service, and more and more are trusting us with other aspects of their travel experience," Andres Barry, the president of JetBlue travel products, said in a statement. "We've built a curated network of high-quality partners, providing the level of service JetBlue customers know and love. We want to be the company travelers go to when they book a trip, whether they choose to fly, drive, train or boat to their destination."For more information, you can visit Paisly as well as JetBlue's website.

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