Hurry, JetBlue's New Flash Sale Has $20 Flights Today


If you're feeling a little stressed right now, that's understandable. In fact, you should go ahead and treat yourself to something to look forward to. Luckily for all of us, JetBlue is having a flash sale right now that'll get you anywhere but where you are for a mere $20. Just think, that's about the price it would cost you to treat yourself at a bar and traveling is definitely the more productive option.

From now through 11:59pm ET on Thursday, September 27 (tonight!), the sale-happy airline is offering one-way tickets to destinations around the country for as cheap as $20. Head over to the official sale page to see the full list of destinations, sortable by price or origin city, including an insanely cheap flight from Boston to New York for just $20, New York to Orlando for $40, and Fort Meyers to Boston for $40

If you're looking to get yourself off the continental United States, you can also get from Orlando to San Juan, Puerto Rico for $60, Boston to Aruba for $80, and New York to Santiago, Dominican Republic for $80. 

There are a few conditions though. All of these deals are for specific flights on specific days -- for instance, to fly from Newark to Boston for $20 you'll have to leave at 5am on November 10. And note that all of these flights are for JetBlue's "Blue" fares, so you'll be paying for any checked baggage. But you'll also be getting perks like free Wi-Fi and snacks on a $20 flight, so that's probably fair. 

So, call a friend who also needs something to look forward to and get going.

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