JetBlue's Flash Sale Has $20 Flights Right Now

Published On 11/10/2016 Published On 11/10/2016

Whether you're happy with the outcome of the presidential election or not, it's more than safe to say all of us need a break after the bruising/raging dumpster fire of a campaign, if not an, uh, extended vacation. Well, it looks like it might be slightly easier to make an actual escape, thanks to a new flash sale from JetBlue with stupidly cheap last-minute flights.

Starting Thursday, the airline is offering several deals on one-way flights out of major cities all across the country, with fares starting as low as $15 although most are in the $20 to $60 range. JetBlue's official flash fare website lists crazy-cheap flights such as Boston to NYC for $20, Baltimore to Fort Lauderdale for $30, NYC to Orlando for $40, but only while tickets last. There's even a $60 flight from NYC to Long Beach, California up for grabs -- if you're fast enough. JetBlue warns that some of the deals likely won't last for an hour, so you might want to get clicking. 

But like with most airline flash sales, there are plenty of restrictions you'll have to consider before booking. In this case, the discounts are for flights on specific dates and times ranging from as soon as November 12th to as slightly-less-soon as December 9th. But if you're fairly flexible and really need to get away, planning around the dates is almost certainly worth it. Well, just have fun trying to drag yourself back to reality when your trip is over.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and is in serious need of a long vacation now. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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