Quick, JetBlue's New Holiday Flash Sale Has $20 Tickets

Published On 12/08/2016 Published On 12/08/2016

This late in the year, there's a good chance the only traveling you have to look forward to is flying home for the holidays, and "look forward to" may be a bit of stretch. But thanks to a new flash sale with crazy-cheap flights from JetBlue, there's a chance you get take an actual vacation before the year is up.

On Thursday, December 8th, only, the airline is selling dozens of one-way flights to destination in Florida and California as well as to Las Vegas for as low as $20. All the discounted flights are listed on JetBlue's flash sale page, including highlights like Washington DC to Orlando for $30, Pittsburgh to Fort Lauderdale for $30, and NYC to San Diego for $65. There's even a $20 flight from Vegas to Long Beach, California up for grabs. But you'll have to hurry. 

Just like JetBlue's previous holiday flash sale on Monday, this one comes with a serious restrictions in terms of scheduling: the discounted rates are only available for flights on specific dates and times. For example, if you want to fly from NYC to Orlando for $30, you'll have to travel on December 13th. The dates range from December 5th to December 16th, so be sure to check the exact date and time before you get too excited.

The $20 flash sale is just one of two sales JetBlue is offering on Thursday as part of its ongoing "A December to Adventure" holiday promotion with 12 days of deals that launch each day at 1pm ET. The second flash sale is for one-way tickets to Cuba for as low as $54. A separate flash sale page details all the flight deals and travel dates. 

Best of all, there are still eight days left of the promotion, so expect at least eight additional flight deals. Say goodbye to all those leftover vacation days that won't rollover. 

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