Hurry, JetBlue's 2-Day Sale Has $39 Flights Across the U.S. This Fall

Though your summer tan may be glowing in full force right now and you still have a few getaways to look forward to before fall, the big travel season will soon be behind us...

Nantucket, Massachusetts | Shutterstock
Nantucket, Massachusetts | Shutterstock

Sure, your summer tan may be glowing in full force and you still have a few trips to look forward to before summer's up, but the big travel season will soon be behind us. Luckily, now may be the perfect time to set yourself up for a trip or two down the road, because JetBlue just kicked off a big two-day fall sale on Tuesday with some flights going for just $39.

If you were hoping to skip town sometime in the next few months without walloping your wallet, JetBlue's new "Fetch A Deal" sale is here to tempt you with a glut of one-way airfare bargains. Although many of the cheapest flights are on regional routes, there are discounted fares to be found to and from nearly all of the ever-popular airline's biggest US hubs between the end of August and mid-November. You'll need to act fast, though, since the sale ends at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, July 31.

You can browse the full lineup of deals on the JetBlue flash sale page, but we've plucked a few of the standout bargains below.

The 10 Best JetBlue Flight Deals

  • Orlando to Atlanta for $39
  • Boston to Newark (and vice versa) for $49
  • San Francisco to Long Beach (and vice versa) for $59
  • Washington, DC to Charleston (and vice versa) for $59
  • Nashville to Fort Lauderdale (and vice versa) for $64
  • Boston to Washington, DC (and vice versa) for $64
  • Boston to Atlanta (and vice versa) for $74
  • New York to Bermuda for $84
  • Boston to Houston (and vice versa) for $89
  • Hartford to Orlando (and vice versa) for $89

Like most JetBlue flash sales, there is some fine print to consider before packing your bags. For instance, many of the cheapest available flights in the sale fly at specific times of day, so you'll need to be flexible, and there are a few blackout dates around Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day. It's also worth noting that these are "Blue" fares, which means you're entitled to all the typical JetBlue perks (free WiFi, unlimited snacks, etc.), but you will have to pay if you want to check a bag ($30 for one, $40 for a second). 

Still, this could be your best bet to squeeze in a budget-friendly mini vacation before the holiday travel season kicks into high gear. 

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