Hurry! There's a JetBlue Flash Sale With Tickets for $19.10

Published On 11/23/2016 Published On 11/23/2016
JetBlue flash sale

Here's something to be thankful for: JetBlue has launched another flash sale today, Nov. 23. If you're familiar with how these work, you know you have to get after the deal you're eyeing because these deals often don't even last an hour. 

The flash sale has deals on many locations, but as always they're for specific times and dates. So, if you're free Dec. 12 and want a $40 flight from New York to New Orleans, you're in like. You're probably not got to find flights in the United States for much cheaper. Though, for planning purposes, be warned that prices listed are one-way only. Unless you're planning on moving to New Orleans suddenly, you're going to need to budget for a return flight.


The above screengrab is a sampling of some of the cheaper flights available at the time of publication. But these fares could be gone at any moment, so jump on it if you want to thank yourself in advance for having been so patient with your relatives over the weekend.

Even if those fares last, the sale only lasts through the end of the day Wednesday. Being able to look forward to your $40 trip to the Bahamas might make your cousin's political ramblings a little more bearable.

h/t The Flight Deal

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