A JetBlue Airplane Tipped Like a Seesaw While Passengers Disembarked

The incident took place at New York's JFK Airport on Sunday night.

I don't like to think about the physics and mechanics of an airplane. I know that the Wright brothers figured out a few major things some time ago and that today we have these Boeing contraptions that can fly hundreds of people across the expanse of two continents. If I think about it any more than that I don't think I'd ever be able to fly again. As it stands, I already ritually take a Benadryl and a Dramamine upon boarding so that I can sleep from takeoff to disembarking.

Fortunately, there's no need for me to know anything more about planes. But there are plenty of people who do need to know how they—like the folks responsible for unloading and loading the airplanes. Because, it turns out, if you disembark or board in the wrong order, the plane can tilt like an off-balance scale.

In a video posted Monday to X, a JetBlue plane can be seen tail to ground, nose in the air, like it's in upward-facing dog. The video was posted by retired NBC journalist Brian Thompson, who said the video was shared with him from someone at the scene. As for why the plane is tilting its face towards the night sky, the plane was reportedly loaded incorrectly, causing it to tilt off its front wheels completely as passengers were disembarking.

According to ABC News 7, the flight had just landed at JFK in New York City from Barbados on Sunday night. JetBlue told ABC that the plane tipped due to an imbalance while passengers were getting off the plane. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and the plane was taken off-duty to be inspected.

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