JetBlue's New Sale Has $20 Flights Across the U.S. Right Now

By now, snaffling up tickets for ludicrously cheap flights should be as easy as riding a bike, or picking your nose. But just in case you need a refresher, JetBlue is cranking the cheap flight siren yet again by offering deals on a slew of routes across the country right now, some of which are a measly $20. 

If you're inclined to jet far away from the winter doldrums, all the late November and December flights should suffice as a pretty good option for spending the holidays somewhere new. The discounted one-way flights include quick hops and cross-country treks, like Boston to Los Angeles for $80, New York to New Orleans for $80, Orlando to Washington, DC for $30, Long Beach to San Francisco for $30, New York to West Palm Beach for $40, and Boston to New York for $20. There's even an $80 flight from Boston to St. Lucia in the US Virgin Islands, departing on New Year's Eve.  

In today's market, traversing the country seems to carry the same price tag as a trip to Trader Joe's. 

As with any momentary flash sale, heed the fine print. The fares are for flights on specific dates at various allotted times. For instance, if you're looking to head from NYC to LA for a laughable $80, it'll have to be on 12/4 at 10:55 pm. The other eligible flights range from 11/28 to 12/31 (New Years Eve), so if you have any free time in December, the ball is clearly in your court. 

Getting time off work at a moment's notice can surely put a dent in your sudden winter vacation fantasies, but it's never too late to hatch a genius plan to fool your boss with a convenient excuse. Trust us, some of them work

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