JetBlue's Asking a Security Question That Could Tear Families Apart

Security questions are annoying because, oftentimes, you can see yourself having a different answer in the future. Was Puggy the pug your first pet? Or will you later remember those two beta fish that ate each other within a day of purchase?

And now it seems like JetBlue is really trying to trip you up on its signup page -- and potentially tear your family apart -- by asking you to pick a favorite child. 

I am haunted by the idea of a favorite child. I can't imagine a more painful experience than witnessing my mother type out my brother's name in an open-ended security answer, but I assume it feels similar to the time I found out my brother is her email and laptop password "because its longer" than mine. 

The question was first brought to public attention by a screenshot posted to Twitter on Sunday by user @_lanaloo. It was a picture of the account signup security page, with an option to choose the question, "What is the name of your favorite child?"

The Twitter user described JetBlue as "savage," and most would agree that asking a loving parent who is just trying to buy their family plane tickets to Disneyland to make Sophie's choice isn't the best customer security tactic. JetBlue doesn't seem to care much, though. All the airline did in response was call out parents on their bullshit: 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.