JetBlue's 'Big Spring Sale' Has $39 Flights This Spring Through June

With the official start of spring just days away, you can take comfort in knowing that you've survived another roller coaster of a winter. Sure, there's probably plenty of nasty weather you'll have to deal with before summer, but you've more than earned yourself a reprieve from the cold and precipitation in the form of a vacation. Thankfully, flight deals such as JetBlue's two-day spring sale may help you get out of town on the cheap. 

From now through 11:59ET on Friday, March 16, the sale-prone carrier is offering dozens of discounted one-way flights to domestic and international destinations from cities all across the United States -- some for as cheap as $39. JetBlue's official "Big Spring Sale" page has the complete list of deals (you can sort them by price and city), including highlights like Atlanta to Orlando (or vice versa) for $39, Long Beach, California to Las Vegas (or vice versa) for $44, and NYC to Boston (or vice versa) for $59. You can also get from NYC to Washington, DC (or vice versa) for $54Baltimore to Orlando (or vice versa) for $69, and NYC to Daytona Beach (pictured above) for $84 if you can book the cheap tickets before they're all gone.

As for international flights, there are a handful of decent deals on flights to warm places. Examples include Orlando to Mexico City for $94, Orlando to Havana, Cuba for $94, and Ft. Lauderdale to Kingston, Jamaica for $149, among others.

However, the crazy-low prices come with a little bit of fine print. Specifically, you'll have to travel sometime between March 27 and June 20 minus some blackout days -- May 22 through May 30, according to the sale site. That's it, though. The biggest challenge here is piecing together your departing and returning flights to best take advantage of the deals before the sale expires. JetBlue also notes that the prices are for its "Blue" fare, which gets you free WiFi and unlimited in-flight snacks, although you'll have to pay for any checked bags. 

All said, you've got about 36 hours (as of Thursday at noon) to plan out your flights, make your time off and hotel arrangements, and -- hopefully -- score a trip on the cheap. You've got this. 

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Tony Merevick is Senior News Editor at Thrillist and is counting down the days until his vacation. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.