These Videos of JFK's Flooded Baggage Claim Are Your Worst Travel Nightmare Come to Life

When the "Bomb Cyclone" hit the East Coast on Wednesday and Thursday, causing thousands of flights across the country to be canceled, the situation at JFK International Airport stood out as particularly bad. Two planes collided on the runway. Luggage seemed impossible to track down. Even as late as Sunday, passengers were waiting for flights after sleeping on the terminal floor.

But somehow things got even worse when a massive water main break flooded the baggage claim in Terminal 4. The FDNY and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey responded to reports of the break a little after 1:30pm. 

Around 3pm, all travelers were evacuated from the terminal and relocated to the departures floor, which was already filled with passengers from delayed and canceled flights. According to the New York Post, a worker told one group, “There is a flood emergency, and there are exposed wires that could cause electrocution. You’re not safe here. You must leave the floor." 

Thankfully no one was injured, but as you can see below it worsened what already seemed like a worst-case scenario. The airport tweeted an announcement that travelers should expect even more delays because of the flood.

These videos show just surreal the situation was:

Maybe consider driving next year (and every year after that).

h/t CNN & New York Post

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