Jif Just Made New Squeezable Peanut Butter, So You Don't Have to Use a Knife

Say goodbye to the PB-covered utensils lingering in your sink.

Courtesy of Smucker's

For a while now the Smucker's squeeze jam has been sitting on the shelves looking absolutely ridiculous beside its traditional peanut butter counterpart, which has remained stubbornly jarred.

But the J.M. Smucker Company announced on Monday that its crunchy/creamy household staple is finally going modern by virtue of its very own squeezable pouch. 

Jif, which is pronounced with a J, not a G, by the way, will be available in a squeezable pouch nationwide come July 2020, according to a press release. You know what that means: 1) The Golden Age of Ants on a Log, 2) fewer utensils to wash, and 3) you can now yell at your young kids to make their own damn sandwiches.

“With our new squeezable pouch, we’re making it even easier and quicker for Jif lovers everywhere to get their Jif fix," said Rebecca Scheidler, Vice President of Marketing for the Jif, in the release. "No more ‘peanut butter knuckles’ when you’re trying to get the last ounce of goodness from the bottom of the peanut butter jar -- No knife. No spoon. No problem!”

OK, small problem, though: The amount of PB per pouch. It's 13oz -- about the same as one of those short jars of PB -- so you'll need to stock up if you consume the stuff at a spoon-out-of-the-jar rate. I can imagine the squeezing aspect doesn't help with portion control, either. 

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