Jim Beam Just Started a Subscription That Sends Premium Whiskeys to Your Doorstep

You'll be able to find unique whiskeys from Beam distillers in the seasonal subscription program.

jim beam subscription mail
Photo courtesy of Jim Beam

Jim Beam is taking advantage of the ability to ship whiskey directly to customers out of Kentucky. The familiar whiskey brand has launched a mail order subscription program for premium, hard-to-find Beam whiskeys. 

The Barreled & Boxed subscription will ship two "unique bottles" straight to your door once every season. (That's four times a year.) The program promises to deliver "the best of super premium whiskey to limited-time-only releases to the never before bottled."

The subscriptions opened up on August 25 with only 500 memberships available due to the limited nature of the releases. The rub is that you're only able to subscribe if you live in an eligible zip code in Kentucky or Washington, DC. Though the company says, "Expansion of the program is planned for 2022 and in years to come." So, there's hope for people outside that limited area.

"For generations, our family has enjoyed inviting friends to our home and gathering around the kitchen table to taste the finest whiskies," said eighth generation Beam Distiller Freddie Noe. "Today, we like to think of Barreled & Boxed as a modern day version of this Beam family tradition, allowing us to share the best of our distillery directly with our friends and family - from our home to yours."

jim beam mail order
Photo courtesy of Jim Beam

The first box will arrive in September, and it will include Little Book Chapter 5 "The Invitation," the latest installment in Noe's Little Book Whiskey series. The other bottle will be "some of the very last bottles" of the Little Book Chapter 1 "The Easy" release.

Members will also get behind-the-scenes looks at the whiskeys, virtual tastings, a VIP tour of the new James B. Beam Distilling Co. campus (when it reopens), and invitations to members-only events. That may be less alluring if and when the program expands, but since it's limited to people relatively close to the campus, that's a nice perk. Though, those hard-to-find whiskeys are still the main attraction for the club, which will run you $270 for the first box.

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