Watch Fallon Crack Up Over People Describing TV Shows Poorly

Bad descriptions of shows that aren't necessarily wrong.

We accept a lot on faith when watching movies and shows. It requires a little suspension of disbelief. Ted Lasso is great, but you have to get over the fact that a Premier League team hired a coach who knows absolutely nothing about soccer. You gladly do it, but it could also make for a hilarious description of the show if you acknowledged its flaws in the description. 

That's what Jimmy Fallon asked viewers to do in the latest installment of The Tonight Show's "Hashtags" segment. Every week, The Tonight Show asks viewers to respond to a hashtag prompt like #HomeSchoolFail, #WorstFirstDate, or #AddAWordRuinATVShow. This go-round, Fallon asked fans to describe a TV show poorly with the hashtag #DescribeATVShowBadly.

The briefly lampooned TV shows include Game of Thrones and its stray coffee cupThe SopranosBridgerton's sexy scenes, Succession, and a whole lot more. Despite Fallon saying it was the inspiration for the segment, somehow Sex & the City gets off without ridicule.

Watch the full video above and add your absurd descriptions of shows on Twitter using the same hashtag. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow Dustin Nelson on Twitter.