Jimmy Fallon Cracked Up Over People's Stories About Why They Got Fired

Jimmy Fallon brought back the recurring "Hashtags" segment this week. In it, Fallon asks people to share stories on Twitter and reads the best of the best on-air. This time, The Tonight Show asked people to share stories about why they got fired from a job using the hashtag #WhyIGotFired. 

Fallon's viewers did not disappoint, even if one of them caused The Roots to play way more of C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat" than you were planning on hearing this week. (Unfortunately, the Mr. Met who flipped off a fan and that security guard who collected videos of his farts didn't bother to write into the show.)

The stories included a bartender who wasn't sure how to make a rum and coke, a little misuse of the Walmart PA system, and in the most modern firing story imaginable, someone complained about work on Facebook, accidentally tagged their boss, and got fired in the comments. That last one made Fallon note that "the future is here." 

Though, the best part of these segments might be that Fallon has to read off the laborious and awkward handles of people who sent in stories. Thank you, @MargoBe08471590. You're a hero.

Watch the segment above, then check out some old installments of "Hashtags" like #WeddingFail, #WhyImSingle, and #MyWeirdRoommate.

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