Fallon Cracked Up Over Stories About People's Worst Car

Almost everyone missed driving that crappy old car.

As is the case with so many things in life, nostalgia can slap a fresh coat of paint and a rosy tint to things that were not so fine at the time. Bad vacations, wedding disasters, bad dates, and crappy cars are all susceptible to this phenomenon. 

It's those long-lost jalopies that are the focus of a new "Hashtags" segment on The Tonight Show. Every week, the show asks fans to respond to a prompt on Twitter. The best ones are shared live on the show. They've hit topics like #HomeSchoolFail, cooking disasters, strange Thanksgiving traditions, and five-word New Year's resolutions. This time, Jimmy Fallon and crew asked viewers to share stories about their worst cars. 

Cars wind up occupying a unique space for their owners, which is easily seen through the loving way that these horrible cars are remembered. If someone asked you to buy a car that honks every time you turn left, you probably wouldn't be interested. But when your car does that, it becomes a quirk you look back on with a surprising amount of fondness. I feel that way about the car that everyone had to enter through the passenger side door, which was the only one that opened. 

These stories are pretty great and will probably make you recall that junker you hung onto until it gave up the ghost. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow Dustin Nelson on Twitter.