Fallon Asked Twitter for Absurd New Thanksgiving Traditions

It's a year unlike any in recent memory. What traditions are you keeping for years to come?

Thanksgiving this year looks a lot like your outfit in that one senior picture from high school. You know, the one where your parents said you can't wear those clothes in a picture, but you pleaded and pleaded because the outfit was so cool. That one. It was... different. 

Jimmy Fallon looked for the positive, or at least the funny, of celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020. On The Tonight Show's weekly "Hashtags" segment, it asks viewers to respond to a prompt on Twitter using a hashtag like #WeddingFail, #MomQuotes, and #HomeSchoolFail. This week the show asked for #NewThanksgivingTraditions, and it was trending on Twitter within minutes, according to the Tonight Show host.

As is usually the case, viewers delivered funny responses to the prompt, explaining how they're embracing the necessary precautions this year and imaging Dr. Fauci as the only attraction in a sparsely attended Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It will be a strange holiday week, but one hopes everyone will heed the warning and choose to stay safe with some good humor about the small sacrifices we'll make to keep our communities and families safe. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow Dustin Nelson on Twitter.