Fallon Cracked Up Over Stories About People's Worst Car

Fallon asked for stories about crappy old cars, and it almost makes you miss your own crappy car.

For not the first time, The Tonight Show prompted viewers to spray a fresh coat of nostalgia over their old jalopy to deliver stories about their horrible old rides. 

A new installment of "Hashtags" on The Tonight Show asked viewers to send in stories about their worst car on Twitter using the hashtag #MyWorstCar. Almost every week, the show asks fans to respond to a prompt on Twitter. The best ones are read by host Jimmy Fallon on the air. In the past, Fallon has hit topics like party disasters, dad advice, funny teachers, and weird families.

Like last time the show asked for stories about wretched cars, there's a certain amount of love in stories about the car with the mysterious black Folgers can in the engine, or the car with a foam steering wheel. Those vehicles might have been a nightmare when someone was behind the wheel, but, with time, there's a little touch of fondness that comes to the surface. 

Check out the stories about terrible rides in the video above, then remember that junker you used to lug around town with rose-tinted glasses. 

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