Fallon Reveals Viewers' Hilariously Awkward Homecoming Fails

If you're old enough that you've completely forgotten how anything works in a school, it's homecoming season. That's why The Tonight Show asked viewers to dig deep into their memory banks to share their personal homecoming disasters for a new installment of "Hashtags." The recurring segment asks viewers to share themed stories on Twitter using a hashtag like this week's: #HomecomingFail. Jimmy Fallon then reads some of the best responses on-air.

Viewers delivered some painfully embarrassing stories that are probably a little too relatable for most people. Everyone was an awkward teenager once. So, you may not have responded "with who?" when someone said "yes" to your homecoming ask, but you've probably got your own story that's not too far removed.

Though hopefully, you don't have your own version of the story about the boy whose dad rented him a limo for homecoming, but acted as their chauffeur and gave them "the talk" on the way to the dance.

Watch above to enjoy the fails of others, then check out past "Hashtags" segments like Why I Got Fired, My Family Is Weird, and Why I'm Single.

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