Fallon Can't Keep It Together While Doing 'Mad Libs Theater' With Natalie Portman

There isn't a late-night talk show host that loves playing games half as much as Jimmy Fallon. That's clear on a nightly basis, but the recurring segment that might best exemplify this is "Mad Libs Theater." Fallon and a guest -- Natalie Portman, this time -- fill out Mad Libs like you did as a kid, with the exact same number of farts and butts.

The difference here is that when Fallon is done asking Portman to fill in the blanks they don't read the suggestive results to their parents. Instead, they act out a scene based on the responses provided by the guest. 

The latest installment has Portman and Fallon apple-picking during a breakup. It might not rise to the absurdity John Cena brought to the segment previously, but it's hard not to laugh as Portman cracks up over what happened to her "butt" response.

And, as ever, when the Mad Libs worked perfectly with the script, Fallon cracked up harder than anyone. There's nothing more pleasing than when it all comes together. 

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.