Jimmy Fallon Shared Hilarious Quotes From Actual Moms for Mother’s Day

In a new "Hashtags" segment, Jimmy Fallon has kept up his annual Mother's Day tradition of giggling at moms. On Thursday, he brought in a batch of mom quotes, shared on Twitter with the hashtag #MomQuotes, in honor of Mother's Day. He's done this almost annually on Mother's Day and Father's Day because what better way to celebrate parents than to rib them on national television. 

Many of this year's quotes revolved around moms who don't quite understand euphemisms. One mom calls Disneyland "The Big D" and another thinks getting the mail for your neighbor makes you "friends with benefits." (Maybe she meant what she said, but that they also get the mail for each other.) That's slightly less wholesome than last year's #MomQuotes where one mom made up the texting acronym OTAH for "Oh, that's a hoot." Everyone is appropriately sad that this hasn't caught on.

Watch the segment above and take a look at a few more mom quotes below.

It might seem mean to share your mom's weird quote on TV or Twitter, but she probably didn't think anything she offhandedly said would be immortalized this way. You could argue that makes it a great gift.

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He's read all of Twitter. Follow him @dlukenelson.