Fallon Shared Hilarious Quotes From Actual Moms for Mother’s Day

Every mom has a quote or two like this in them.

It's Mother's Day on May 9, and part of the celebration is recognizing all of the quirks that make your mom or mother figure unique. 

Every Mother's Day, Jimmy Fallon celebrates that exact thing on The Tonight Show by asking viewers to share ridiculous quotes from their moms. It's part of the show's recurring "Hashtags" segment, on which the show provides a prompt and asks viewers to respond on Twitter. It picks some favorite responses from social media, and Fallon reads them on-air. Those prompts have included home school disasters, stories about your worst car, why your family is weird, and first date horror stories

For Mother's Day, the hashtag was #MomQuotes, just like the show has donein the past. It's a hashtag, though, so it doesn't mean everyone is finished sharing stories. If you've got great quotes from your mom, you can still share them so that your mother can live side-by-side with the one who can't remember the name Papa John's or the mom who texted their child, "Where is your phone?" That's a text worth framing. 

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