Jimmy Fallon Singing 'Hotline Bling' as Bob Dylan Is Seriously Amazing

For all the things "Hotline Bling" gets right, from a popular music standpoint, there's just one thing that'd make it entirely exceptional: more harmonica. And Bob Dylan is willing to oblige.

Actually, it's not the real Bob Dylan, it's Jimmy Fallon, delivering a spot-on Dylan impression while covering Hotline Bling. "The Tonight Show" host often does killer impressions of musical legends, like that time he got in touch with his Old Man, and that other time he went all red-bandana-and-denim-vest like a true American hero. Oh and all the times he talked about chest hair and crazy cool medallions back in the day.

But this Dylan one may be the best yet. First off, it sounds exactly like Bob Dylan, which is the whole point of an impression. But secondly, it involves Hotline Bling, and all things that involve Hotline Bling are greatThe Dylan-ized version of the song also sounds more natural than one might think. "You make me feel like I did you wrong / Going places where you don’t belong," could have been a lyric straight outta the Basement Tapes.

Give it a listen' and then maybe do some whistlin'.

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