Fallon's 'Starting to Crack' Is the Funny Social Distancing Anthem We Needed

"Looked at the clock, it's 4pm/ I'm on my fourth glass of wine by then"

Ah, the onset of lockdown stir craziness -- when the feeling of being grateful for your health and home is gradually eclipsed by the question, what even is "being?" We get it, friend, and so does late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, who just created a song called "Starting to Crack" that will make any nearly-cracked social distancer cry-laugh through the entire thing. 

You know the general population is experiencing similar, low-level insanity when a comedian on late-night TV writes a song about the experience (re: Pete Davidson and Adam Sandler's "Stuck in the House"), but Fallon's new song is especially poignant because it combines all the fun activities we've been up to -- the zooming, the two-hour baths, the eating Lay's potato chips as cereal for breakfast -- into a semi-dissociative acoustic tune that aligns perfectly with our "we're doing fine hahah ha ha a!!!" energy. 

Fallon introduces this theme of cracking by singing about how showering and getting dressed in the morning is followed by getting undressed and showering again. Then he discusses the rest of his daily activities through the lens of a twitching eye. 

"Looked at the clock, its 4pm/I'm on my fourth glass of wine by then," he croons. "Rearrange my living room/Called all my third cousins on the zoom/laughed too hard that my background's a beach." Too hard, is key here -- therein lies our subtle crazy. Why are we all laughing so hard on Zoom? 

My favorite part of the whole song is when he gets a bit into a creative hobby he's picked up under lockdown: "It totally works, you gotta believe me, if you just stick your legs through the t-shirt sleeves." This is exactly the feeling of social distancing, for me, and I'd like to suggest you all try my new hobby of sitting on my table and using the top of my chair as a desk. It totally works. You gotta believe me. Hahaha ahah aha. 

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