Jimmy John's Newest Sandwich Is Just $3

jimmy john's lilttle john sandwich mini
Courtesy of Jimmy John's

Ah, Jimmy John's. Its hand-sliced meats are freaky fresh and their whimsical subs are delivered freaky fast. The sandwich chain, which was recently acquired by owner of Arby's, is making unleashing a brand-new sub option perfect for those who crave the ridiculously good slices of meat and cheese, but can only cram so much with a smaller appetite.

It's called the Little John -- you know, like Robin Hood's right hand man -- but in Jimmy John's sandwich form. Instead of the typical sub, Little Johns are described as "skinny and mini." The smaller size comes with a smaller price tag -- one Little John will set you back just three bucks. You can order a Little John version of almost any sandwich on the menu. 

“Everything our customers love about a Jimmy John’s sandwich can be found in the all-new $3 Little John,” John Shea, chief marketing officer at Jimmy John’s, said in a press release. “The combination of high quality ingredients -- all-natural meats, hand-sliced veggies and fresh-baked bread -- paired with a three dollar price point makes the Little John an incredible value.”

To launch the tinier version of Jimmy John's, the company has joined forces with Grammy-award winning artist, Lil Jon (for reasons that are pretty obvious). Instead of yelling "shots," the Atlanta rapper is fisting tiny sandwiches and yelling "subs" instead, probably.

“What better way to launch our new Little John than with Lil Jon? He was already a Jimmy John’s fan, so we bought a little ad for our little sandwich on Lil Jon, and we’re excited to have some fun celebrating this sandwich together,” Shea said.

The Little John is available nationwide at most Jimmy John's locations, so you can still get your dose of Jimmy John's even if you're not feeling particularly hungry. And for a mere $3... turn down for what? Sorry, even I know that was seriously bad. Anyway.

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