Kids Tell Their Dad the Worst Thing They've Ever Done on 'Kimmel'

Father's Day is on deck. Dad's across the US are about to be inundated with golf balls, neckties, and kids who feel like they're required to spend a little time with dad over the weekend. On late night shows, dads are going to endure a small amount of ridicule.

Jimmy Kimmel Live prepared a special pain for a few lucky fathers, as he has in previous years. His team tracked down dads in the street and asked their kids about the worst thing they've ever done that their parents don't know about. It goes even better than you could have hoped for. The segment results in a parade of slack-jawed stares. 

Each reaction is wonderful. There's the dad who is a cop and assumed his wife was taking money from his wallet. There's a kid who had sex in the back of his dad's car and then went off to seminary school. And there's the dad who absolutely cannot accept that his college-age daughter has started drinking. 

Watch the full video above and take it as a gentle reminder that Father's Day is June 17. You should probably head to the golf ball store before they're all out of golf balls.

h/t Fatherly

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