Jimmy Kimmel Has Parents Telling Kids All Their Halloween Candy Is Gone, Again

Somehow Jimmy Kimmel's sadistic Halloween candy game has become an annual tradition people get far too excited about. It's as though parents are just sitting around waiting for an excuse to mess with their kids. 

Every year, Kimmel asks parents to get up the day after Halloween and tell kids they ate all their Halloween candy. It's mean. It's really damn mean.

But it's also a little funny. This year's installment is as horrible as ever.

Kimmel has the week off, but his show is soldiering on with guest hosts every night, including Dave Grohl, Shaq, and Jennifer Lawrence. So the pleas for mean parents to send in their mean videos have come from a variety of people in Kimmel's absence. But he made his own plea as well. His daughter is finally old enough to have the prank played on her, so after years of asking others to do the deed, Kimmel joined in.

During his turn as a guest host, Channing Tatum also played the prank on his daughter.

Here's this year's installment of terribly mean parents telling their kids their candy is gone. Try not to laugh.

If you somehow haven't had enough of this, here are a few of the compilations from previous years. 

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.
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