Kimmel Got Parents to Tell Their Kids They Ate All the Halloween Candy, Again

It is once again time for Jimmy Kimmel's cringe-worthy Halloween tradition. For the last eight years, Kimmel has asked parents to tell their kids they ate all of the kids' Halloween candy. The parents film it and send it in. Kimmel's staff sifts through the videos -- more than one thousand were submitted this time -- and then they show the kids crying and shouting on-air.

Look, this is really damn mean. Filming your kid freaking out just so you can have a laugh is a little cruel, but it's hard to deny that some of the clips are funny and even charming at times. 

However, there's a bit of a twist to this year's batch. More kids are fine with the situation than you'd expect, which somehow makes the whole thing feel a little sadder. Yes, there are definitely still kids crying and one who packs a mean left hook for a three-year-old, but many just tell their parents that they still love them.

One child was genuinely concerned his parents would get sick, and that they'd poop all over the floor. It's like he already knows that bodies just don't age well enough to eat a whole bucket of candy before bed.

Watch the whole thing above and if you need more sadistic Halloween videos, watch last year's Halloween Candy video from Kimmel.

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